Xseed Antioxidant Juice

Xseed Antioxidant Juice

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Exceed your life’s best potential with XSeed Antioxidant Juice, a health drink synergized with dynamic antioxidant-rich seeds and other plant-based nutrients for optimum protection against degenerative free radicals.

Direction for Use:

Fill the bottle with 300-350mL of water. Shake well. Remove the bottle cap then fill it with XSEED Juice. Drink from the bottle cap, 30 minutes before meal followed by 1 glass of water.

Great Synergistic Ingredients


Five Colors of Seeds– Known as Nutritional powerhouse of plants; supplies Endogenous Antioxidants targeted five various organs (heart, stomach, liver, lungs and kidney).


Wheatgrass– Highly effective superfood that improves blood components by increasing the amount of hemoglobin and balancing blood alkalinity.

Mangosteen–  Contains powerful phytonutrients that enhance many vital functions of the body most especially immune system health.

Noni Fruit–  Provides body system with tremendous anti-oxidative component that has antiviral, antibacterial and antitumor properties.

Moringa Perfect plant in USA known to have high nutritional value similar to a variety of fruits and vegetables

Resveratrol– Aids to restore and repair the skin and protect from free radicals that causes early onset of aging.

Fibersol 2– US Patented digestion resistant fibers, responsible for the growth of probiotics and adjust intestinal functions for elimination of toxins.